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Its been eighteen years since the war happened, and now the threat has risen again and now amongst schools
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 Alexis Ocean

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Alexis Ocean
Moonstone Fifth Year
Moonstone Fifth Year
Alexis Ocean

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PostSubject: Alexis Ocean   Alexis Ocean EmptySun Jan 17, 2016 8:18 am

Alexis Rose Ocean

Alexis Ocean 97KAhwn

General Information
Name: Alexis Rose Ocean
Nicknames: Lexi
Age: 15
Date of Birth: March 17, 2002
Birth Location: New York, USA
Current Home: New York, USA
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual

Hair Style: Long and Straight
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Golden Brown
Skin Color: Light
Height: 5.8
Other Features:
Clothing Style: Alexis pretty much wears anything although she likes wearing any type whether is be vans, jeans, t shirt, a jacket. Whether it even be a skirt too, she is not all that picky and sometimes even her hair can be any type. Even though lately she has been acting out lately and has been dressing rather rebellious.

- Art ( Drawing and Sketching )
- Photography
- Music ( Alternative and Pop )
- Reading ( anytime of book )
- Writing ( anything )
- Playing the Guitar
- Animals ( especially her cat Charles she named him and her hamster Missy )
- Social Media ( she loves going on Instagram and Twitter )
- Her siblings
- School

- Partying
- Having no rules
- Boys
- Hook Ups/Flings
- Drinking
- Distancing herself from her twin brother and older sister.
- Not doing schoolwork

- Seeing others hurt
- Sadness
- Bullies
- Dark Arts
- Slacking Off
- Girls who think there better anyone else

- Rules
- Schoolwork
- Her family ( finds there too perfect for her )
- Her brother and sister ( even though she secretly likes them )
- Being grounded
- Her parents
- Being told what to do

- Charms
- Enchanting Arts
- Mythology ( she loves legends )
- Making others smile
- Honesty ( believes it runs in her family )

- Lying
- Dark Arts
- Charming others to listen to her
- Partying
- Not doing her schoolwork

- Being mean ( she just does not have it )
- Divination
- Herbology
- Wandless Magoc
- Lying

- Being honest
- Being nice ( she is secretly nice )
- Smiling and Being Happy
- Charms
- Schoolwork and Getting Good Grades

Positive Traits
- Honest
- Intelligent
- Compassionate
- Imaginative
- Creative
- Hard-working
- Kind
- Selfless
- Passionate
- Dedicated

- Charismatic
- Strong-willed
- Competitive  

Negative Traits
- Naive
- Over-sensitive
- Over-critical
- Sometimes too outspoken

- Manipulative
- Rebellious
- Naive
- Stubborn
- Cunning
- Escapist
- Narcissistic

History: Pretty much being the youngest child of her parents she had sometimes the benefit of being constantly cuddled by her parents unlike her twin brother who would be independent growing up which she ended up being quite independent herself, and as she grew up she never saw her father much, because he was on business trips. Which she never hated him for it, because she had her mother who was still always there when she needed it.

As she grew up she had friends and she grew fond of animals and would cry when an animal died even if the pet was not hers she would still cry. Which led to her growing to love to help animals and as well growing to be rather artistic and loved music and writing. Then when she was about ten she started showing explainable things for a muggle. Which she noticed her sister displayed years before her and both her and her brother had it them.

Which began to have her wonder if she just like her sister since her sister leaving for Salem made her sad, because she loved her older sister and pretty much idolized her and truth be told on her eleventh birthday a ministry man came and explained everything to her parents and how it pretty much very rare to have multiple muggles in a family being wizards which had become more common in recent years with having muggleborns have multiple children going to Salem.

Once she arrived to Salem she immediately fell in loved with it and was happy that she could be by her sister and as she excelled in her classes which had made her feel happy and her brother doing the same thing even though Alexis showed showed more intelligence then her older twin brother and as well as falling in love with animals which during her third year she had gotten an cat she decided to name Charles, and in her fourth year a hamster she named Missy.

As well as leading her too at the end of her fourth year she had grown rather rebellious and she has been feeling that she would get nobody for being her normal girl as well as being a perky and quirky young girl as well as disliking the fact that her sister was leaving and now being the summer before her fifth year she had started to act out and now her family is beginning to get worried about her.

Father's Name: Danny Ocean /39/ Businessman ( Muggle ) Living
Mother's Name: Tess Ocean /39/ Muggle School Teacher ( Muggle ) Living

Siblings Names
Vanessa Adele Ocean /19/ ( University Student ) ( Former Asphodel ) ( Muggleborn ) Living
Wyatt Daniel Ocean /15/ ( Salem Student ) ( Muggleborn ) Living ( Older Twin Brother )

Charles ( Charlie ) /2/ ( Chocolate Tortoiseshell and White Cat ) Living
Missy /5 months old/ ( Russian Dwarf Hamster ) Living

Family Background: ( to be edited )
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Piper Van Dyke
Headmistress of Hogwarts
Headmistress of Hogwarts
Piper Van Dyke

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PostSubject: Re: Alexis Ocean   Alexis Ocean EmptySun Jan 17, 2016 8:20 am

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Alexis Ocean
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