The Dark Age of Magic

Its been eighteen years since the war happened, and now the threat has risen again and now amongst schools
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 Artyom Azarov

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Artyom Azarov
Artyom Azarov

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PostSubject: Artyom Azarov   Sat Jan 16, 2016 6:17 pm

Artyom Mikhail Azarov

General Information
Name: Artyom Mikhail Azarov
Nicknames: Prince Charming, Blood Prince, Arty
Age: 27 ( really 676 )
Date of Birth: October 31, 1340
Birth Location: Novgorod, Russia
Current Home: Novgorod, Russia
Blood Status: Pureblood/Vampire
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual

Hair Style: Shaved on sides with hair on top which can end up being any style.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Fair
Height: 5.11
Other Features: Has two tattoo ( one which is a sword with birds which is for his family ), ( another is his name which is on his back on the upper left ).
Clothing Style: Generally wears jeans, a black t shirt, a jacket, and a pair of boots. Even though he has other colors which he also wears since he wears t shirts a lot. He also wears plaid which he wears with his jeans, and he also wears suit which can be black and red or just normal suits.

Likes: Tattoos, Spell Creating, Mischief, Family, Himself, Girls, Potion Making, and Improvements
Dislikes: Death, Sadness, Fear, Headmistress of Hogwarts, Pureblood Society
Strengths: Charms, Spell Creation, Potion Making, Dueling, Charming others
Weaknesses: Death, Sunlight, Dark Arts ( its haunts him ), Seeing others hurt, His Flaws and his looks.
Positive Traits:
- Ambitious
- Intelligent
- Charismatic
- Reserved
- Trustworthy
- Determined
- Balanced
- Dedicated
- Mischievous

Negative Traits
- Narcissistic
- Manipulative
- Cunning
- Stubborn
- Critical

History: Artyom was born into a rich family who had been very kind people and had loved to make it to the top as well as being successful who both had been in Khitrost. Even though his parents had been nice people they really had no sense of humor and disapproved of Artyom's love for pranking and causing mischief for everyone. Even though he had been pretty intelligent, and he had been also generally a nice kid.

Once he turned eleven he had received his letter to Durmstrang where had been sorted into Shutnik where he had grown to cause more mischief, and also began to excel at creating spells which had made him be the best at spell creation. As well as Charms and Potionmaking which had been in his blood which would go with that most of his spells would be Charms he would make growing up.

As he became a fifth year he had experiance with dark arts which he had used for a little as well as becoming a prefect in his fifth year. Even though he had not known how he made a prefect and soon he had gotten on the other end of dark arts spell which happened in the summer of his seventh year where he had gotten the letter that he was head boy. Which had him think that his love for making spells would get him very far.

Upon graduating from Durmstrang, he had received a job in spell creation and becoming a renowned spell creator. Which he had done for several centuries which had been caused for once he was twenty-seven he had been bitten by a vampire alongside with his whole family who would end up being alive for the next several centuries and many more to come.

After about twenty years he had left his parents in Novogrod and go on to travel and create more spells and create more potions since he was considered to be a renowned man of magic which led to him having a village named after him where students would get there school supplies which led to him having a house in Wizarding Russia.

For next several centuries, he continued his spell creation and potion making and during wars he had been a medicine person and worked most commonly in the infirmaries as well as being royalty in Russia. Then in present day he has become a man who still creates spells and a potion maker as well as being a renowned in the wizarding world.  

Father's Name: Ivan Vadim Azarov /53 really 703/ ( Vampire King/Potion Maker ) Former Khitrost ( Pureblood/Vampire ) Living

Mother's Name: Adela Olga Azarov ( nee Volkov ) /50 really 700/ ( Vampire Queen/Healer ) Former Khitrost ( Pureblood/Vampire ) Living

Siblings Names:
Vadim Viktor Azarov /29 really 679/ ( Vampire Prince ) Former Khitrost ( Pureblood/Vampire ) Living
Alec Vlad Azarov /24 really 673/ ( Vampire Prince ) Former Khitrost ( Pureblood/Vampire ) Living
Tessa Adela Azarov /22 really 671/ ( Vampire Princess) Former Khitrost ( Pureblood/Vampire ) Living

Family Background: The Azarov had been a wizarding family who had everything and been the Potion Masters of their time. As well which gained them money in the world, and after they had turned into vampires they ended up using their Potion Making to improve the wizarding world. Since they still kept all of their money and had been well-knowned in the wizarding world as the Kings and Queens of vampires as well as the good guys even though some used the powers for evil acts.

During many of Russia's wars the Azarov family had played a huge part in it as well improving the military and as well using their potions to heal others who were mostly wizards since there family had been the most well known family in Russia.

In the past couple of centuries they have spent their time trying to keep their family together since the royalty it hard and after two wizarding wars can the family really deal with it anymore, and trying to be vampires who are not in harm of others.
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Piper Van Dyke
Headmistress of Hogwarts
Headmistress of Hogwarts
Piper Van Dyke

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PostSubject: Re: Artyom Azarov   Sat Jan 16, 2016 6:19 pm

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Artyom Azarov
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