The Dark Age of Magic

Its been eighteen years since the war happened, and now the threat has risen again and now amongst schools
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 Marques Valois

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Marques Valois
Levesque Fourth Year
Levesque Fourth Year
Marques Valois

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PostSubject: Marques Valois   Sat Jan 16, 2016 12:31 pm

Marques Julian Valois

General Information
Name: Marques Julian Valois
Age: 14
Date of Birth: February 4, 2003
Birth Location: Orleans, France
Current Home: Orleans, France
Blood Status: Pureblood
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual

Hair Style: His hair length is done is his ears, it has a tenacy to go in his face, and it is generally pretty much messy unless he decides to comb it which he mostly does for school.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Tanish
Height: 5.6
Other Features:
Clothing Style: Wears pretty much anything that anyone gives him whether it be jeans, t shirt, a pair of shoes he does not really care.

Likes: Girls, Books, Reading, Art, Tutoring, Helping others, Spend time with friends, Quidditch
Dislikes: Bullies, Seeing others hurt, Suffering, Failing
Strengths: He is good with art, he is good with people, and can handle them, he is good with Charms, as well as making Potions.
Weaknesses: He sometimes can be too critical , He is terrified of spiders, he sometimes says the wrong time ( but still good with people ).
Positive Traits
- Independent ( does not need someone their to hold his hand )
- Generous ( he loves his friends and will do anything for them )
- Dependable ( they will do anything you ask them )
- Passionate ( he will put his heart into it  )
- Imaginative ( he will think of anything new )
- Intelligent ( he is very gifted )
- Friendly ( he is very sociable and is good with making friends )
- Creative ( loves thinking of the most amazing things )

Negative Traits
- Overcritical ( he hates failing )
- Judgmental
- Fastidious ( mainly when it comes to his grades )
- Stubborn ( when it comes to grade )
- Materialistic ( he actually cares his future )

History: Marques had been born into a family who was rich but they were not the evil and wicked rich they were good people. Which had made him become the intelligent boy he had been due to having the best of the best treatment and usually ended up being the kid who could end up teaching his teachers something instead of being the one who did the learning. Which had caused his siblings to get jealous that he was one kid who had been too much intelligent for his age and had been way too mature for his age.

Despite the fact his siblings envied him he still had his younger brother follow in his steps of being intelligent and he still had been kinder than the rest of his siblings even though his parents raised the children to be kind even though they had turned mean. Once Marques had recieved his letter to Beauxbatons he had been way to excited, because than he could learn new things which was something he loved to do, since he had known that anything he tried he could end up mastering.

Once he got to school he had developed his love for Art and Quidditch as well as keeping his studies well, and his relationship with his siblings had gotten better, because being far more intelligent than his age he could help tutor anyone who is studies could reach. Which had caused him to tutor his younger brother even though his younger brother did not really need it he mostly helped him with higher year learning. Which had grown him to be the most intelligent in his year.

Father's Name: Louis Arthur Valois /46/ ( Beauxbatons Professor ) Former Aucoin ( Pureblood ) Living
Mother's Name: Louise Amelia Valois ( nee Dubois ) /46/ ( Herbologist Professor at Univeristy ) Former Aucoin ( Pureblood ) Living

Siblings Names:
Gaston Louis Valois /20/ ( Auror-in-Training ) Former Grosvenor ( Pureblood ) Living
Beau Arthur Valois /17/ ( Beauxbatons Student ) ( Pureblood ) Living
Camille Evelyn Valois /15/ ( Beauxbatons Student ) ( Pureblood ) Living
Alec Grant Valois /12/ ( Beauxbatons Student ) ( Pureblood ) Living
Other Key Members:

Family Background: The Valois family had been royalty throughout all of the years in France whether they Dukes and Duchesses, which had been his main way for his family. As well as holding high positions in the ministry and as well as being the scholars of the time. Since each of his family had many former professors and having some headmistresses of many schools. The Valois family had been the most known family in France which had led to them still having royal blood in them to this day even though that never reached kings and queens they still held higher positons in the world and pretty much had been the French wizarding royalty.

Unlike the most common families the Valois had been the farthest from snotty since they had been forced to do well and be kind people and be successful even though some of the members have been slacking which had been causing some family problems. Which would still never have the Valois turn their backs on each other since turning each other back was never the right thing for Valois to do.

Since they had been a family which had never turned their back on each others, and as well as having many family connections. The Valois family had been pretty much the most richiest family and had been known to give back to others who had not had much which was something that was taught which was being charitable and being intelligent. The Valois family had been pretty much the kindest family and as well as strong supporters of the good side since they do not believe in bad which is why most of them are not evil.
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Piper Van Dyke
Headmistress of Hogwarts
Headmistress of Hogwarts
Piper Van Dyke

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PostSubject: Re: Marques Valois   Sat Jan 16, 2016 12:34 pm

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Marques Valois
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