The Dark Age of Magic

Its been eighteen years since the war happened, and now the threat has risen again and now amongst schools
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 Siblings Bonding ( Skylar )

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Colin Van Dyke
Ravenclaw Fifth Year
Ravenclaw Fifth Year
Colin Van Dyke

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PostSubject: Siblings Bonding ( Skylar )    Sun Jan 10, 2016 2:45 pm

Colin had basically been told to spend his summer with his older sister Skylar even though she and him mixed different, but to his dismay he had a lot in common with his sister who was the headmistress of Hogwarts. Then soon he was walking down Diagon Alley in jeans, a pair of converse, a t shirt, and a beanie and he put his glasses on. His sister had always called him a nerd for dressing like on.

Which even though him and Skylar fought constantly he had got along better with her than his other sister which meant that they would later make up. Since they had been closes, but she spent more time with their brothers who had been sporty and than there was Colin who was the nerd out of the bunch. Even though his parents told that he was just unique and that his knowledge should be put to good use.

Then soon he walked into Leaky Cauldron and he said " Skylar? You plan on eating while we wait for mum and dad? " asked Colin as he sat down. Since he was starving and he took his glasses off and he cleaned them and put them back on.
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Skylar Van Dyke
Gryffindor Sixth Year
Gryffindor Sixth Year
Skylar Van Dyke

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Join date : 2016-01-10

PostSubject: Re: Siblings Bonding ( Skylar )    Sun Jan 10, 2016 2:55 pm

Skylar had followed her brother and she had a pair of jeans, a pair of boots, a black tank top, and a black leather jacket. Since she felt that she was pretty much a fighter, and she would punch any guy she would meet since she the total oposite of her older sister who was just too entitled and she knew it which was her being the youngest daughter and soon she looked and she said to her brother. " Colin? Of course I want to eat her. " she said as she motioned her brother foward.

Even though Colin was smarter than her she still held more common sense than he held since she was street smart and was somewhat book smart. Unlike her little brother who was all the way book smart and had no common sense since she was common sense she had to lead her little brother in the right direction and she said.

" I highly doubt Piper will show up here, since she would never step foot in Diagon Alley too busy in Knockturn Alley" she said as she ordered a hot chocolate, and she said. " I really am not looking forward to school, because I am not in mood to be tortured by our sister. " she said as drank her drink.
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Siblings Bonding ( Skylar )
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